What Are the Precautions for Installing the WPC Railing?

What Are the Precautions for Installing the WPC Railing?

Ⅰ. About the WPC railing

Wpc railing is a special material that imitates the wood but its performance surpasses that of wood. It can be seen in parks, greenways, courtyards, terraces and balconies. The main features of WPC railings are mildew resistance and corrosion resistance, and stable performance. It does not fade or deform.By using its unique characteristics, it make citizens accept and like it. What should be paid attention to when installing WPC railings?

Ⅱ. Precautions dor installing WPC railings

1. When fixing the wood-plastic column, it is generally not recommended to directly embed it in the concrete. We can use a galvanized square tube with a diameter of 1-2 mm slightly smaller than the wood-plastic column and weld with the steel plate into an inverted T shape, and then fix it with expansion bolts. Then put the wood-plastic column into it. In addition, at the waist of the WPC column, we can use a drill-tail screw to penetrate through the lined steel pipe to ensure stability. The distance between the conventional WPC columns (guardrail span ) is about 1.5 meters. Try not to exceed 2 meters, so as to avoid potential safety hazards due to excessive shaking for the large span.

2. When using the injection molding connector to connect the handrail, the extended bit should be used to avoid the drill bit bumping or damaging the injection molding when installing the connector; the distance between the WPC railing should generally be controlled at about 0.8 meters.

3. When connecting small square columns with injection-molded inner parts, ensure that the wood-plastic small square columns are on a horizontal line, otherwise it will affect the overall aesthetics of the WPC railings. The spacing of the wood-plastic small square columns should generally be controlled within 0.2 meters.

4. When connecting any wood-plastic profiles, a gap of 2 mm must be reserved as the material may expand when heated or contract in cold.

5. Some WPC railings can be installed on the ground, and at the same time, attention should be paid to protect the surface of the plastic-wood material from being scratched during installation. When installing, ensure the appearance while ensuring stability. And pay attention to the position of the screws, and try not to expose the screw holes.

6. For WPC railings with radian requirements, it is necessary to calculate the angle of the tenon. At the same time, the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of plastic wood should be considered when mortising, leaving room for expansion and contraction. When the column is installed on the road surface, the steel plate can be pre-buried in the concrete, and then weld the steel plate at the bottom of the column with the pre-buried steel plate, or fasten the yoke with bolts. The style of the WPC railing, the specifications of the selected profiles and the span of the WPC railing should be closely matched. When the total length of the WPC railing is greater than 300 meters, it is necessary to consider the addition of deformation transition column bolts.

These precautions can only be avoided if you understand them. If you do not pay attention to these problems, the consequences will be more serious. It is recommended to find a professional construction after-sales team for installation and operation.

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