WPC Adamas Decking SLD145S30B

WPC Adamas Decking SLD145S30B

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  • Outdoor WPC Decking Layout and Decoration Skills
    30 Sep

    Outdoor WPC Decking Layout and Decoration Skills

    WPC decking is an indispensable part of the outdoor space. After the local boards are laid, how to decorate the wood-plastic flooring is also a key part of creating attractive outdoor spaces. Like int...
  • Different Types of Cladding Materials
    16 Jun

    Different Types of Cladding Materials

    WPC Cladding WPC cladding is the perfect solution to protect your house from natural damage.Easy to installCompared with other wall decoration materials, WPC is light in weight, so it can be installed...
  • What is WPC
    08 Aug

    What is WPC

    WPC uses polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride instead of common resin adhesives, mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics and packaging industries.WPC is a kind of wood plastic floor, wh...
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